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Best of British

Great Britain has a long and illustrious history of innovation and design. This is especially true in the textile industry, where London has been considered a fashion capital of the world for many generations. From the formal and structural rigidity of Victorian ladieswear through to the simplicity of the 1920's and the austerity of the war years, Britain has always been at the forefront of global clothing design trends. It was arguably in the "swinging" 60's though that Britain's worldwide fashion reputation was cemented. Like music, the fashion industry was changing quickly at the time and Britain's emerging liberal attitude, bright colours and shortening hem lines took the world by storm. The bricks and mortar epicentre of this era, London's Carnabe Street, remains an iconic fashion landmark to this day. Britain's reputation for design excellence has been furthered in recent years by world-leading designers such as Alexander McQueen, Paul Smith, Stella McCartney, and Vivienne Westwood and institutions such as Central St Martins  College of Arts & Design in London and Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh (via the former Scottish College of Textiles).

The global reputation of the British fashion and textile industry extends far beyond the boundaries of modern day London. From the worldwide exports of the Yorkshire textile mills at the time of the industrial revolution to the cashmere mills of the Scottish Borders today, Britain has always enjoyed a reputation for quality and innovation. The "Harris Tweed" brand has played a key role here. Handmade from start to finish in the remote Outer Hebrides Islands of Scotland, this premium cloth is as beautiful as it is durable. Harris Tweed itself has also demonstrated a remarkable resilience in the face of an ever-changing world, helped by the intimate nature of the manufacturing process. Thankfully the cloth's importance to the British textile industry has been formally recognised by the UK Government and indeed it remains the only cloth in the world to be protected by its own Act of Parliament. The result of this is that only cloth that has been certified by the Harris Tweed Authority can carry the Authority's iconic "Orb" label.

It is this mixture of quality, heritage, and aesthetic beauty that has led to Harris Tweed being Pauline's material of choice for her range of luxury ladies accessories and gifts. We regard Harris Tweed as representing the "Best of British" in terms of textile production and would welcome the opportunity to share our Harris Tweed based products with you. To view our full range of ladies bags, purses, and accessories, please visit our online shop